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Vampire Lord Damon LeDarq

I was playing an old Castlevania game, and I got it in my head that it would be run to run an RPG scenario inspired by Castlevania. Got to thinking about the characters that would be involved, and came up with this guy, and his dysfunctional family. Don’t know if I’ll ever run that scenario, but I had a great time painting these characters!

Resourceful Half-Orc Fighter From a Secluded Village Who Was Kidnapped By Cultists

Here’s another character from the D&D character concept generator  Finding ways to put the character concept into the art has been a fun challenge with these. Having been captured by cultists, this guy apparently got a hold of some of their weapons and robes, plus some bells and a bit of tree to aid in his escape!

Yet one more in my angels & demons series, figuring out this whole digital painting thing! A more brutish counterpart to the elegant devil from before. This guy came out the best yet, in my opinion. Some things about painting really started to click into place. Those chains were a lot of fun to do — I have a little trick for drawing chains that works with inking, so I wanted to see how it would work with a painted style — pretty well, it turns out! Still got a few more of these guys in the hopper.

Grouchy Gnome Bard From The Local Tavern Who Hates The Monarchy

I decided to paint some characters suggested by the delightful D&D character idea generator,  Here we’ve got a Grouchy Gnome Bard From The Local Tavern Who Hates The Monarchy. She’s a bit of a one-gnome-band. She came out looking a bit more sly than grouchy, but if you check out the lute, she clearly hates the monarchy! Going forward, I think it’s going to be interesting trying to show all of the suggested elements in the image.