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Cyberpunk Portraits

Some commissioned portraits of characters for a cyberpunk novel.

Pearl Rose Valley

Here’s a fun character I designed years ago, but never really got around to using. I think I have a half-penciled short story somewhere. That revolver-sword was fun to design, but I’m not sure it makes any sense.


Here’s an album cover I did for the band Miscellaneous, for their single “Onomatopoeia!” It features MIscellaneous Man giving the business to Skullclops!



The Dagger: Summer Slaughter Round 3

Round 3 of Penciljack’s 2015 Summer Slaughter tournament. By this point I was feeling a bit burnt out, and opted for a comic “cover” rather than a comic, thinking it would be quicker. But the coloring job was rough going, and it ended up taking me at least as long as a comic would have. Thanks to Dean “Beastie” Beattie, who bested me in this round with his Charlie Cooper, and to Joseph Dredd, for The Ginger Slasher.