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Drawing the Monster Manual #11: Bronze Dragon Wyrmling

#11 in my quest to draw the entire D&D 5th Edition Monster Manual: The Bronze Dragon Wyrmling!

So this whole pandemic/lockdown kinda threw me off my game for this project. Funny how that works — you’d think with all the extra time at home, you’d get so much done, but in my experience and observation, it’s worked out quite the opposite. (Must be that creeping existential terror!) But anyway, I’m back on the case now!

This is the first dragon of any kind that I’ve drawn for this project, but certainly not the last. I’m playing with some new coloring techniques — more of a painted style of rendering, rather than the “airbrush cuts” comic book style I’ve typically used. We’ll see how it goes!

D&D Commission: Outside the Yawning Portal

Here’s a little commission I did a while back, featuring a small party outside the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep. This group was a dad DMing for his kids, which might help explain the prevalence of pets in the party — but then again, I think that happens with a lot of groups!


Drawing the Monster Manual #6: Planetar

Number 6 in my quest to draw the entire 5th Edition Monster Manual — the Planetar! These guys are huge angelic warriors with green skin for some reason. Who knows?  It’s D&D, and D&D is pretty weird sometimes.  I probably wouldn’t have picked this one to draw any time soon, but I’m rolling randomly for them, so you get what you get. I guess it beats drawing all the cool stuff in the beginning, and being stuck with a bunch of weird stuff I’m not that interested in at the end!

Traveling D&D Party


Hoo boy, this one was a challenge! A lot of characters, a lot of character details, a lot of “business”, like the water genasi warlock pilfering a magical D30 from the dragonborn paladin’s pouch.  Just a lot of stuff to fit into in the image. Very challenging, but worth it, because I think it came out very nicely, and the clients were very pleased.  Most of the D&D party commissions I do are either an action scene of some kind, or a “group photo” where everyone just poses and looks cool. And those are great! But it was a nice change of pace to depict a quiet moment of travel, so often glossed over in our games as well as in our art!

Here’s a really fun D&D commission I did a couple months back. The commissioner’s group was putting their regular game on hold for a Halloween session where their characters would encounter a fantasy version of a stereotypical Italian restaurant — a CANNIBAL Italian restaurant, run by the evil Tony Linguine and his staff of drunken goblins — and the PCs are on the menu (literally)!

Thanks for looking, and if you want to see more, you can check out my website at!

Children of the Blood Star

Here’s a recent commission — a poster for a D&D campaign called Children of the Blood Star. The heroes (the titular children, I assume) stand in front of the campaign’s main city, a flurry of red lanterns rising into the air, with the evil Zolph looming in the background above them. His broken skull contains The Void. The titular Blood Star can be seen over his shoulder.

I love doing these poster-style commissions! I’m not exactly a graphic designer, but these heavy metal-ish hand-drawn titles are a blast.

Velira Splinth

Been feeling the itch to get on the other side of the DM screen for a change, so I dropped into a D&D Adventurers League game at my local gaming store. You always hear horror stories about the kinds of weirdos you can run into at public games, so I was a little apprehensive, but everyone at the table was great.

I played human rogue Velira Splinth. She’s a former burglar, but she’s going straight, and taking up the comparatively honest profession of adventuring. She was hastily thrown together by grabbing a name I liked from my notebook. No complex backstory, but just the name gave me enough of a sense of who she was to have some fun with a terrible cockney accent!

A recent commission. A couple of Half-elf adventurers, preparing for battle! He’s a Great Old One warlock whose patron is a big blue sun that appears to him but never speaks, and he summons his pact weapon by pulling it out of a black (blue?) hole. She’s a glamour bard who was raised in the feywild, and here we see in her in her Mantle of Majesty, just beating the world into submission with her radiant beauty.

D&D Party Exploring a Wizard’s Laboratory

Here’s a fun commission I finished up recently — a party exploring a friendly wizard’s laboratory. I love doing the group-portrait and action shots that I usually get commissioned for, but this was a really nice change of pace. I got to do a little storytelling, and come up with some fun wizard’s trinkets. It felt more like drawing a comic book panel, and since we’re between volumes of Mantamaji right now, I haven’t drawn a comic panel in a while.


D&D Curse of Strahd Commission

Here’s a recent commission of a D&D party from a Curse of Strahd campaign. Curse of Strahd is set in D&D’s Ravenloft setting, which is like an old-school Hammer Horror, Transylvania kind of setting, and Count Strahd Von Zarovich is basically Dracula. In this illustration, Strahd is drawn with the likeness of the Dungeon Master, as he pulls the party’s strings!

The only couple of times I got to play D&D back in high school, it was set in Ravenloft, so this was a fun nostalgia trip!

My D&D Party!

After a lifetime of wanting to play and seldom getting the chance, I finally decided to buckle down, learn to Dungeon Master, and got a D&D game going with my lovely partner Becky and some friends of ours! Here’s a picture I drew to commemorate our first adventure. That’s Elven Fighter Paprika Jade (she of the shady criminal background), Human Wild Magic Sorcerer Sheveh Dalah, exile of the Clans of Ymorin, and Elven Ranger Wrae, refugee of the treacherous Elven Waste! Here’s to many more riotous evenings of goblin-stomping!


I’ve been on such a huge D&D kick lately, so here’s one of D&D’s most iconic monsters, the Beholder!